Happy To Disappoint You

If you’re expecting me to be like your last relationship…

I’m happy to disappoint you.

You’re used to going to bed angry,

And waking up without a “Good Morning” text

You never had the little things that matter


Someone asking if you’ve eaten today

Or calling just to check in

And you never got flowers, or fruit, or candy…

Just because it’s Tuesday.

You never fell asleep on the phone,

And had someone stay up all night, just to make sure you were breathing

And you’ve never heard of someone wanting to see you smile,

Every day…

Just because they’re so in love with the curve of your lips

You know nothing about real love,

And everything about what’s fake.

You know arguments that end in tears

And weekends stuck in bed from feeling heartbroken

You know what it’s like to be cheated on

And lied to

And manipulated

And you’ve never had someone take care of you.

You never got breakfast in bed

Or had someone rub your back after a nightmare

And you never experienced a passion, so deep…

That it nearly brought you to tears

You never had someone wipe the sweat from your forehead when you’re sick

And you never had someone say…

“Text me when you get home…”

“Just so I know you made it there safe”

You never saw the sun rise, and the moon set…

Because you were always too busy chasing shadows

So when you say you never had anyone like me…

I’m happy to disappoint you.


Chelsea Ciará


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