Can You Stand The Rain


It rained all day today and as I lay in bed I couldn’t help but wish I was laying with you
The sound against my window reminds me of how your heart ticks
It’s a rhythm that cracks like lightning and shakes the room
And it’s the kind of heartbeat that’s powerful enough to illuminate the sky

I remember laying my head on your chest and falling asleep to the rhythm
It was a feeling so comforting I wished it would never end
But this love could never be
Because you can’t stand the rain

You don’t see the romance in how each raindrop dances as it falls from the clouds
You don’t feel how the wind caresses your skin after a rain shower
And you don’t wait around long enough to watch the flowers bloom or the trees grow

I wanted to make love to you on the rooftop and feel the rain pour over our skin
But you said only holy water can wash sins
Then right after, you offered to pray for me

I was willing to drown in our love
But you were afraid of getting wet
So our love dried up as the rain passed
And after that, nothing was the same anymore.

-Chelsea Ciará


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