Beware of people that will attempt to cast shadows of doubt on your soul
They will try to push you into their shadow, out of fear that you may outshine them
But in times of darkness, remember that you are the sun
Do not allow egos to diminish your light
Just as you should not be afraid
to outgrow those who are no longer on your level
In life, people will attempt to blame you for their shortcomings
Know that their anger will be misguided
Do not carry their burdens on your shoulders
Allow them to fail on their own
Remain humble when accepting praise
Only if you’ve earned it
In the same token, admit to your failures
and be the bigger person when you’re wrong
Under no circumstance,
should you ever compromise who you are
More importantly,
never allow yourself to become smaller
in order to inflate another person’s fragile ego
Pity is beneath you
Do not be afraid to be better, or the best
Insecurity in ones self leads to self destruction
Do not allow people to use you as a stepping stone, or a foot rest on their way to the top
Learn to face difficult tasks with your head held high
It won’t be easy…
When you become tired,
look back at all that you’ve accomplished
Remember what it took…
Remember how it felt…
In that moment, push yourself to keep going

– Chelsea Ciará

Falling in Love With Potential

It’s easy to fall in love with potential. Sometimes we need to believe in something so badly that we allow more than we should. We can feel when things are wrong for us, yet we stick around and hope for better. We say things like, “he/she will change”. “This is only temporary”. “I know he’s/she’s not perfect but we can make this work”. We don’t realize right away, but this way of thinking is called settling.

People often talk about what they would and wouldn’t allow in these situations, but the truth is love makes you do some crazy shit. We’ve all ended up in positions we swore we’d never be in; just chasing something we thought we needed. Something we could ‘fix’. But common sense isn’t always common. What’s right isn’t always good, and what’s good doesn’t always feel right. Basically, not all things are meant to be. You can’t fix a person, and you can’t force a relationship to work.

With that being said, falling in love with potential is a dangerous game. One day there will come a point in time when we look back and hate ourselves for wasting so much time. Time waiting on what we thought things ‘could be’. Time waiting on people to change. Time waiting on people to show us what we’ve been looking for. What we’ve been needing to fill our own voids. In time when we get enough clarity, we’ll realize we can’t fault people for not measuring up to our own expectations.

I say all of that to say this. It’s up to us to set boundaries and to learn when it’s ok to cut people loose. Not everyone is meant to travel with you on your journey. Some people are just a bus stop along the way.

Good Days

Today your only job is to get out of bed
Move your feet down the edge of your mattress
Take your left and right foot and slide them into your slippers
Pick up your towel, turn on the hot water
Make sure to use soap
Cleanse the demons off your back and your shoulders
Then rinse the worry off your face
Step out, dry off
Use deodorant
Use lotion
Make sure to take your time
Nourish each pore
Your skin is glowing
Use your toothbrush to scrub away yesterday
Rinse and spit
Comb your hair
Be gentle with your hands while they try to untangle each knot
Go into your bedroom and look for your favorite underwear
Put on your socks
Then your pants
Then your shirt
Today is a good day

Real Man

You called him soft
You tore him down
You didn’t appreciate

He wasn’t rich, but he managed
He offered to share a meal at McDonald’s with you
You insulted him, called him cheap
He didn’t mention that was his last 5 dollars until payday
He just knew you were hungry
He wanted to feed you
He was everything he could be in his circumstance
But you weren’t patient

You see,
Real men don’t come with dollar signs
Real men come with emotions
And passion, and romance
So stimulating it makes your mind orgasm
It makes your heart flat line
Then shocks you back into living
Real men finish last, if it means winning
The RIGHT person
Real men still exist

– Chelsea Ciará

Motivation Monday 

Don’t be a fool to the concept of money. A person’s worth should never be measured by wealth. Follow my instagram for my daily quotes and short poems. @chelsea.ciara 

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