Real Man

You called him soft
You tore him down
You didn’t appreciate

He wasn’t rich, but he managed
He offered to share a meal at McDonald’s with you
You insulted him, called him cheap
He didn’t mention that was his last 5 dollars until payday
He just knew you were hungry
He wanted to feed you
He was everything he could be in his circumstance
But you weren’t patient

You see,
Real men don’t come with dollar signs
Real men come with emotions
And passion, and romance
So stimulating it makes your mind orgasm
It makes your heart flat line
Then shocks you back into living
Real men finish last, if it means winning
The RIGHT person
Real men still exist

– Chelsea Ciará

Can You Stand The Rain


It rained all day today and as I lay in bed I couldn’t help but wish I was laying with you
The sound against my window reminds me of how your heart ticks
It’s a rhythm that cracks like lightning and shakes the room
And it’s the kind of heartbeat that’s powerful enough to illuminate the sky

I remember laying my head on your chest and falling asleep to the rhythm
It was a feeling so comforting I wished it would never end
But this love could never be
Because you can’t stand the rain

You don’t see the romance in how each raindrop dances as it falls from the clouds
You don’t feel how the wind caresses your skin after a rain shower
And you don’t wait around long enough to watch the flowers bloom or the trees grow

I wanted to make love to you on the rooftop and feel the rain pour over our skin
But you said only holy water can wash sins
Then right after, you offered to pray for me

I was willing to drown in our love
But you were afraid of getting wet
So our love dried up as the rain passed
And after that, nothing was the same anymore.

-Chelsea Ciará


Let me remind you that a good morning text does not do you justice

There are 1,440 minutes in a day

Which gives me…

1,440 chances to tell you just how much you mean to me

I want to be the kind of woman, that gives you more than just words

I respect you enough to know you deserve actions

And that you retired empty promises to your last relationship

So it would be unkind of me to disappoint you again

I say I’m worthy…

But you don’t believe in things you can’t see

So here I am, ready to build

It’s Day One…

Action One, out of  1,440

Multiply that by every day that we shall live

And only then will you know…

Just how much you mean to me.


– Chelsea Ciará

Self Love

I realized I needed to forgive myself

For not loving me enough when I was with you

I was too busy trying not to be selfish

So I waited around for you to fix your broken pieces

And hoped you’d learn how to love me

I found out the hard way

That a heart can’t be held together with

Gorilla glue and duct tape

And that these cracks only open wider

The longer we pretend

So today I learned the importance of

 Self Love 

And I vowed to never allow myself to settle again

Because everyday I pretended you loved me

Was another day I spent hating myself


  • Chelsea Ciará

Happy To Disappoint You

If you’re expecting me to be like your last relationship…

I’m happy to disappoint you.

You’re used to going to bed angry,

And waking up without a “Good Morning” text

You never had the little things that matter


Someone asking if you’ve eaten today

Or calling just to check in

And you never got flowers, or fruit, or candy…

Just because it’s Tuesday.

You never fell asleep on the phone,

And had someone stay up all night, just to make sure you were breathing

And you’ve never heard of someone wanting to see you smile,

Every day…

Just because they’re so in love with the curve of your lips

You know nothing about real love,

And everything about what’s fake.

You know arguments that end in tears

And weekends stuck in bed from feeling heartbroken

You know what it’s like to be cheated on

And lied to

And manipulated

And you’ve never had someone take care of you.

You never got breakfast in bed

Or had someone rub your back after a nightmare

And you never experienced a passion, so deep…

That it nearly brought you to tears

You never had someone wipe the sweat from your forehead when you’re sick

And you never had someone say…

“Text me when you get home…”

“Just so I know you made it there safe”

You never saw the sun rise, and the moon set…

Because you were always too busy chasing shadows

So when you say you never had anyone like me…

I’m happy to disappoint you.


Chelsea Ciará